Saturday, May 29, 2010

PiraNuts Dolls: Dawn

Dawn es encantadora de animales. ¡Ten cuidado! No importa cuánto os quieran vuestras mascotas, ella siempre gana. En cuanto los mira fijamente con su único ojo, la siguen para siempre. Quizá te consuele saber que con ella viven en el paraíso y que les enseña a hacer todo tipo de piruetas increíbles.  
Disponible en mi tienda.

Dawn is an animal charmer. Beware! It doesn´t matter how much your pets adore you, she will always win. The moment she stares at your pets with her only eye, the animals follow her forever. Maybe it will make you feel better to know that they live in paradise with her and that she shows them to make amazing pirouettes.
Available in my shop


  1. She's lovely Ana! I must check out your Etsy shop. I still can't believe English isn't your first language... and self taught... amazing!!!

  2. You are right, she definitely is a charmer! Have you ever wondered how many little tiny stitches go into making one of your creations?!? I was wondering that this morning when I was sewing something up! It looks like you have stitched each one with love and care!

  3. Abi: Thank you very much! You are so kind! Thanks for stopping by when you are working like crazy, I hope your huge task is going very well (I know it is, I´ve seen some of the wonderful results!) <3

    Gingermelon: Thank you very much! I´m very glad you noticed all the love and care I put in every stitch. I´m very slow making dolls, but I´m trying to improve every day! Hugs! <3

  4. Es absolutamente encantadora, como su oficio indica. Me gusta especialmente el color de piel y el pelo (además de todo lo demás, por supuesto).
    Otra obra de arte!!!

  5. Qué linda, Ana!!!! Siempre estás inspirada pero ésta vez, te saliste!!


  6. Marichu: Me alegra que te guste este nuevo tono de piel. ¡Muchísimas gracias, florecilla sideral!

    Mo: ¡Mil gracias, hermosa! Besitos


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